Monday, November 30, 2009

Reader Request Month and My Very First Giveaway!

Hey everyone,

So I'm still recovering from NaNoWriMo (finished 3 days early and 2,000 words over, YAAAAY!), plus I've been traveling this past week for Thanksgiving, so after work today I may very well go straight home and lose consciousness.  Thanks in advance for understanding.  :)

Buuuuuut...I've decided to make December my Reader Request Month.  Think of it as a holiday gift without the awkward "thank you" and search for the gift receipt.  If you have anything you'd like me to review/snark on, email me, write on my Facebook wall (are you a fan yet? You should be!), or leave a comment.  I've already had a couple of requests, but I'm totally open to more. 

Also, IF you contact me in any way with a request, even if I don't end up reviewing it (depends on how many I get), your name will be entered in a drawing to win a FABULOUS PRIZE!  I don't know what it is yet, but it will kick ass for sure.  So get in on that!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the Unpro.  Thanks to y'all, my confidence in my own writing has grown 300% in the past six months.  Keep on spreadin' the love.

Gossip Unpro

P.S.  If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present, they can start with Blair Waldorf's awesome coat, pictured above.  Kthanxbai.


  1. I really loved when you did Ginger Snaps, and I'm always looking for more good horror. Do you know any kind of obscure horror movies, especially from kind of a feministy angle? Sorry, this is really random, and I'm not doing a good job explaining it but I'd love to know more about the kinds of horror you're into because it seems really up my alley. And I've never found a set of movies as...I don't know, as Ginger Snaps--they're so unique. Sorry for rambling!

  2. So jealous of you winning Nano. I sputtered out at 10,300 words when I realized that I loathed my story and my protag. I lost all motivation. On to next year!

    I'd love to see you do a whole post on Glee. I know you did a little comment on it on FB, but I'd like to see a whole blog post. I'm finding that even though I like the show, I seem to like it for entirely different reasons than all the other Gleeks. Like, I'm happy fast forwarding through the production numbers (Thank you, DVR!). But the satire is delicious. And PUCK! I love Puck! And Sue Sylvester! I love her too! It's like I have a thing for asshole characters.....