Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plug One and Plug Two: Cool Things You Should Know About

This week's bonus post is brought to you by the Undead Crimefighters and To Write Love On Her Arms.

Intrigued?  Read on!

Plug One: the Undead Crimefighting League

This not only represents MY VERY FIRST ARC (Advanced Review Copy), but is also tied to a very groundbreaking new literary magazine.  I have to say, I don't submit my fiction to literary mags.  Why? a) I don't often write short stories, and b) the short stories I do write are about smart-assed teenage girls, and literary magazines generally don't want to read those.  I also don't really read lit mags, because I'm just not that into short stories.  ANYWAY, I stumbled upon the website for a brand new literary magazine, the YA Literature Review, which will launch its first issue soon.  Stories for kids and teens, some written by kids and teens.  Gotta love that. 

The Undead Crimefighting League is a short story series, produced independently via the YA Literature Review.  The series follows a group of boarding-school kids (who doesn't love a good boarding school story?) who band together to save their vulnerable human friends from evil (and who doesn't love a good saving the world story?). 

I received an ARC of the first story, "Sophie and the Wolf," where newly minted vampire Sophie joins forces with the rest of the UCL--a muse, two zombies, a ghost and a djinni--to save the school from a fierce werewolf, while dealing with her hopeless crush on a classmate.  I must say, sci-fi/fantasty fiction isn't normally my style, but I enjoyed "Sophie and the Wolf."  It had the feel of a graphic novel, minus the pictures, but plus more witty words.  Also, the mix of fantasy challenges and real-life issues brought to mind the first Spider-Man film.  Definitely worth checking out.

The audio version of "Sophie and the Wolf" will be available to order on the YA Lit Review site or at  Audio copies are $1.50 each, and for an extra .50 the story can be emailed to you in PDF format.  So, c'mon, let's band together and support YA fiction not written by Stephenie Meyer, shall we?

Plug Two: To Write Love on Her Arms Day (Friday, November 13)
I stumbled upon this through the Wild West of randomness known as Facebook.  Noticing that a few of my friends across the country were attending something called "To Write Love on Her Arms Day," I asked myself in typical Unpro fashion, "What the hell is that?"  I clicked on the event . . . and discovered a very worthwhile cause.

Founded by Jamie Tworkowski in 2006, To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit organization which aims to provide both hope and help for those struggling with issues such as depression, drug addiction, self injury and thoughts of suicide.  The organization's name came from a quote from its founder, offering moral support to a young woman in the days before she entered a drug treatment facility: "We become her hospital . . . her church, to meet her needs, to write love on her arms."

One mid-November day per year, people all over the country will write "love" someplace on their arms to show support for those fighting their own personal demons.  Last year, over 500,000 people did this, and they're aiming for 1 million in 2009.  As a supporter of nonprofit organizations (I work for one!), and knowing that many of these issues plague young adults, I'm in like Flynn.  Let's help call attention to those who are crying out for compassion.

How 'bout you?  Wanna write love on your arms?

To learn more about TWLOHA, click here.  To become a fan on Facebook, click here.

Regular posting (and the Teen Girl Trifecta) will resume on Monday, and I have something special planned for December, so stay tuned!


  1. I'm really excited for Friday. I kind of want to write on my arm now.

  2. Me too! It's gonna be really fun to be out in public and see who's doing it.

  3. oh my gosh...the To Write Love On Her Arms thing gives me chills.

    YA Literature Review: wow! Does it make you want to write a short story?

    How is your novel coming along?! (Or am I stressing you out by asking? If I am, please ignore me. I know how that goes...)

  4. Bryn: isn't it an amazing idea? It's the same reason I'm so devoted to The Vagina Monologues and V-Day: breaking the silence, especially for young women.

    Yes, I do plan on submitting to the YA Lit Review. I actually do have a short story that I wrote for a class I took in January/February--which got such positive feedback that it became the first chapter of my second novel. However, I still have it in short story form, so I'm gonna submit that as well as some of my "flash fiction" (55 word stories). Why not?

    You're not stressing me out by asking about the novel, don't worry! I have three now, all at different stages: the first one is basically as ready as it will ever be. I'm going to submit it to a contest in December, and after that I'm going to query it one last time. The second one I'm going to edit in December, with a goal of getting the second draft to my critique partner by Christmas. The third one is my NaNoWriMo project, and it's going pretty well. At the very least, it's been an amazing writing exercise--incredibly different from how I usually write, plus you can't think and worry about how it sounds, because there's no time!

    Thanks for asking, and CONGRATS on getting a release date for your book!

  5. Funny, I like that because I feel like I don't care what people thinks about me, even if I'm some kind of outcast.

  6. I think that it is really interesting, I know that the people can change the way to view it as the read and read more about it!I have no doubt that the media publishes stories that will sell!!22dd

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