Thursday, July 23, 2009


Thanks to Sadako of Dibbly Fresh and Get a Pencil and Your Casebook, The Unprofessional Critic has won its very first award. And what an award it is!

The Evil Pink Unicorn sees all, knows all, and spears all annoying teddy bears who get too close to her essential pinkness. She also commends good bloggers for being hilarious, bizarre, and just plain fun.

And here is my acceptance speech:
OMG, I had no idea I was going to win this! (Pulls out a pre-prepared JFK quote, a la Alice Ripley at the Tony Awards) John F. Kennedy said, "A blog in the hand is worth two in the bush." What beautiful and inspirational words those are. I'd like to thank my nonexistent literary agent; my nonexistent children--Go to bed, kids, Mommy loves you!--and I want to give a shout-out to ALL THE PEOPLE who said that a 29-year-old office employee couldn't write a blog that was worthy of the Evil Pink Unicorn! Haha, I showed YOU! Most of all, I would like to thank God, because I feel God in this Chili's tonight. WOO! *tears of joy as exit music plays*

Seriously, y'all, thanks for reading. Special shout-outs to Sadako, ihatewheat, and Rachel, my unofficial publicist. I wasn't even sure my friends were going to read my ramblings (because they have to hear them in real life), and now I have cool readers whom I don't even know!

PLEASE keep reading, and pimp this thing out! Forward it to your friends and even people you don't like. If you have a blog you'd like me to guest on, or if you've created something you'd like me to review, email me at I do have some possible book reviews lined up, but they won't be happening for several months, and I'd love to get the scoop on up and coming artists!

Coming up on the Unpro: reviews of (500) Days of Summer and Julie & Julia, the latter of which I was able to see last night at an advance screening. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! I knew you would be a success, but an Evil Pink Unicorn that defies even my expectations. Congratulations!-Rachel