Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Because I Keep My Promises: "10 Things I Hate About You" Liveblog

Well, I did it.

I survived the viewing of the 10 Things I Hate About You pilot. Barely. Below, my liveblog (I use Twitter for these, because it's easier to timestamp).

Gonna start my liveblog of 10 Things I Hate About You: the ABC Family series. Trying to keep an open mind. It's tough.about 1 hour ago from web

Oh, snap! Kat has a truck stop silhouette READING A BOOK dangling from her rearview mirror! IRONIC!43 minutes ago from web

Larry Miller is reprising his role as Dr. Walter Stratford! Awesome! Not impressed by dialogue so far. Trying too hard.43 minutes ago from web

That's so weird: Bianca's friend looks like Gabrielle Union's younger sister. (Gabrielle Union had the part in the movie.)41 minutes ago from web

So far, we've had mentions of Jurassic Park, Fall Out Boy, and Jurassic Park. And I thought I was bad with the pop culture references.40 minutes ago from web

Jurassic Park, Fall Out Boy, and Lifetime. Sorry.40 minutes ago from web

God, I miss Joseph Gordon-Levitt's almond-eyed intensity. Even as dorky Cameron, he had it. This Cameron is really whiny.39 minutes ago from web

They mentioned public-school funding, and how they have to keep the Superintendent's kid happy. I guess that would be an issue...38 minutes ago from web

Cameron totally reminds me of Ox in Not Another Teen Movie. "Miiiitch! Cut it out! STOOOOP!"37 minutes ago from web

They're trying to make Patrick into Robert Pattinson. Even saying he knows the taste of human flesh. GAH!36 minutes ago from web

So Joey and Chastity are dating. That's interesting. Chastity is head cheerleader and Joey is a quarterback. No male model?35 minutes ago from web

"Of the ten things I hated about today, she's number 1, 5, and 8." They worked in the show's title. Not impressed.25 minutes ago from web

So far I'm really not loving the writing. I like Diablo Cody. I don't like people who try to be Diablo Cody. REALLY obvious when you do.24 minutes ago from web

Oh God. It's a pop-up for the Lindsay Lohan movie "Labor Pains."22 minutes ago from web

Bianca is actually pretty cute. She's no Larisa Oleynik, but I kind of like her.22 minutes ago from web

Kat's not a virgin, and Bianca knows it and holds it over her head. Huh.20 minutes ago from web

Kat has a taser? That's stupid. And Patrick's voice sounds like one of those things you talk through to sound deep and scary.19 minutes ago from web

So Joey WANTS to be a model. I don't buy him as a blond. God, I HATE Cameron's whininess!18 minutes ago from web

A Three's Company-style misunderstanding. UGH.17 minutes ago from web

Ad for Lindsay Lohan in "Labor Pains." Working title was "Rock Bottom."17 minutes ago from web

Bianca sarcastically says she'll join show choir because she's not popular. Bianca, Glee is a way better show. Suck on that.13 minutes ago from web

The mom's dead, she didn't walk out. There's no real reason for this change.12 minutes ago from web

"Move it, skinny bitch." I like Mandella.11 minutes ago from web

I do like how Kat's not super skinny. She's thin, but not new-90210-rexic.11 minutes ago from web

I like Bianca's cute purple top. Ha, a Long Duk Dong reference!10 minutes ago from web

Wonder if this generation realizes that "I Want You to Want Me" is a cover of a cover.9 minutes ago from web

Wait. It's OVER? I know that the pilot always has a lot of setup, but that was just..dumb. Totally ADHD in terms of plot. Me no likey!7 minutes ago from web

And the only real music was the cover of I Want You to Want Me. By a girl group from Walt Disney records. LAME.6 minutes ago from web

Since it's in the summer, I wonder if this is a 1-season deal. I'll probably watch it in a rerun if there's nothing good on Bravo or TLC.5 minutes ago from web

My verdict: why must they mess with a great teen movie? If you MUST remake it, do a 2-hour TV movie. Doesn't work as a series.4 minutes ago from web

Watching South Park marathon to get bad taste out of my mouth. Followed by True Blood, which is actually GOOD. I heart Sam.3 minutes ago from web

Did you watch it? If so, what did you think?

Ed. Note: For my take on the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You, click here.


  1. Two thumbs up! WAY up! ;)

    It wasn't the most horrible thing I've ever seen, by any means. I liked Kat and Bianca. It's just hard for me to understand why the movie had to be revamped 10 years later. Aren't there any good teencom pilot scripts out there?

  2. Didn't watch it 'cause I knew you'd be taking that bullet for us.

    Man, the truck stop silhouette reading a book is so lame. It reminds me of one of one of the feminist/fat acceptance blogs I used to read only it has the silhouettes flipping the world off.

    Oh man, I HATE when people try to put the title into the dialogue, it's so cringe worthy.

    Lindsay Lohan has a new movie?! NO!

    Question--how are they doing this as a series? Is it going to be an entire season of the movie plot? Like, stretching it into more of a miniseries?

  3. Jezebel did a post on it today, and a lot of people actually liked the silhouette thing. I really just saw it as trying too hard.

    Some of the commenters also liked that: there's an overweight character (Mandella), the most popular girl is African American (Chastity), that they changed around the character of Patrick so he's not Heath 2.0 and that Kat is a proud feminist/activist. I like all of these things too. Doesn't mean I have to like the show. And I'm not crazy about Patrick as an emo brooder type. I liked him better as a funny badass.

    Yes, Lohan has a new movie. I heard about it on Best Week Ever a while back and seriously thought it was a joke. No such luck. And it looks AWFUL.

    As for how this will work as a series, they dropped an awful lot of plot points in the pilot. The fact that it's starting in the summer makes me think that maybe it's a one-season type thing (ABC Family's done that before).

  4. Hey, I came here from the Dairi Burger.

    I actually liked the first two episodes, but I watch and enjoy a lot of tv. I'm excited to see how it turns out, but some of the differences are jarring. Like you said, Patrick isn't at ALL compelling.

    Also, Kat is a little too mean for my tastes right now (I really didn't like it when she yelled at the girls in the bathroom for being shallow) but character evolve over the run of a show, so I'm not fussed about it yet.

    (If you're into it, I wrote about it here: