Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Next to Nerdy: My Tony Awards Twitter Feed

The Tony Awards are my Superbowl. On that magical Sunday in June, I park my butt on the couch and stay there for three hours, only breaking to yell at the screen, dance, throw things, or dance while yelling at the screen and throwing things. This year, my Super Sunday coincided with my discovery of the 140-characterplay that is Twitter. Hence, my Tony Awards Twitter Feed.

Note: this is not a typical blog post, just a fun one. Get ready to have your mind blown with just how geeky I can be.

Have already cried twice at the Tonys. West Side Story was breathtakingly beautiful. I want to marry Cody Green and make dancing babies. from web

Rock of Ages. Hm. That's all I have to say.8:09 PM Jun 7th from web

My boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt produced what looks like a really cool Broadway "special event"? Sweetheart, why was I not informed?8:13 PM Jun 7th from web

O no microphones. Guys and Dolls handled it well, though.8:18 PM Jun 7th from web

Gil, you were right. I freaking hate the background. WTF?8:19 PM Jun 7th from web

Sit Down... is normally my fave number in the show. This one was very low-energy, didn't flow well, and I didn't like Nicely Nicely.8:21 PM Jun 7th from web

I'm geeking out watching this "Working in the Theatre" thing. How do I get seats???8:29 PM Jun 7th from web

OMG, Billy Elliot actor brought his wife up on stage with him. Too cute.8:31 PM Jun 7th from web

"And home's what Vanessa's running away from"...congrats to Karen Olivo!8:34 PM Jun 7th from web

Never thought I'd hear a showtune about depression--but Next to Normal made it work. Heartbreaking and true.8:41 PM Jun 7th from web

Geoffrey Rush so tried to get tongue from Jessica Lange. She wasn't having it, though. Ionesco FTW!8:46 PM Jun 7th from web

Hey cameramen! During the dead people montage, you should really focus on people's names and pictures. Just a thought.8:53 PM Jun 7th from web

Haha, Marcia Gay Harden totally called out the idiot cameramen!9:02 PM Jun 7th from web

Note to self: read Reasons to Be Pretty. That snippet was so cute.9:05 PM Jun 7th from web

Thank you Billy Elliott and Elton John for reminding us that tap is FIERCE!9:10 PM Jun 7th from web

I friggin love you, Harvey. And God in heaven, I wish I could see God of Carnage.9:21 PM Jun 7th from web

I HATE MAME. HATE HATE HATE. Love Angela, Bea, Jerry, and Hello Dolly, though.9:29 PM Jun 7th from web

Um, Tony people? Cutting off Jerry freaking Herman? NOT. OKAY.9:34 PM Jun 7th from web

Why do I get the feeling Hair is going to take Best Revival? Still hate when performers go in audience. Poor Anne Hathaway.9:36 PM Jun 7th from web

Yeah, Hair? I'm not that impressed. Yes, you're awesome and energetic. West Side Story was way better. Suck on that.9:38 PM Jun 7th from web

I knew it. It only fits that I totally hate Kristin Chenowith.9:40 PM Jun 7th from web

Just like the Oscars, "troubled" always wins! Next to Normal looks really good, though.9:48 PM Jun 7th from web

I agree with Best Actress lady's "musical theatre is a fine art" speech. Still wanted to punch her.9:51 PM Jun 7th from web

Billy Elliot kids! Just stand there and be cute at me! I love how one of them got out of his chair when they were announced as NOMINEES.9:53 PM Jun 7th from web

@heymissmegs Hey, was Broadway Frankie Valli the one we saw? I think it was!!!!!!9:56 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to heymissmegs

Love the 5 Frankie Vallis. Jersey Boys is awesome, and "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"--one of the best pop songs ever.9:58 PM Jun 7th from web

Best part of Best Musical announcement? LIZA. She is legen(wait for it) dary. Also kinda glad the "troubled" musical didn't take it. Sry10:02 PM Jun 7th from web
Sir Elton? Not a perfect individual. Guess what--I don't care. He is gifted and inspiring. A true original.10:03 PM Jun 7th from web

I love Neil Patrick Harris. I need to watch How I Met Your Mother.10:13 PM Jun 7th from web

@heymissmegs By far the best Frankie Valli up there. I think he's better than John Lloyd Young. We were so lucky to see him!10:58 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to heymissmegs

@ihatewheat Pls. keep following me. I usually don't Tweet this much--but as you can see, I'm a geek for the Tonys. :)10:59 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to ihatewheat


  1. With that background, GUYS AND DOLLS THE REVIVAL becomes a fucking VIDEO GAME.

  2. Yes it does, my friend. Yes it does.