Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Just Can't Get Enough...Of My Writing! (Right?)

Miss me? You know you do!

So I have a guest post over at the nostalgia-rific Children of the 90s, about my favorite TV best friends. This blog is super-fun and you should totally follow it if you're not already.

Just as a friendly reminder, I write/blog about movies, TV and whatever else is on my mind over at The Film Yap and RedEye, under my real name, Lauren Whalen.

If you're not following me on Facebook and Twitter, I swear you won't regret it! I post random pop culture snark, plus all of my writing for easy access. I think some of my "friends" (aka people I went to grade school with and wasn't fond of even then) have hidden me, but that's okay, because I don't want to look at 835 pictures of their babies anyway.

Happy Humpday! (P.S. Humpday is a great little film and you should watch it.)

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  1. THANK YOU!!! The other day, my husband and I were like 'what was the name of that movie with the two straight best friends who were going to do gay porn for an artsy festival?' And neither one of us could remember it. Humpday. I don't know why we couldn't think of the name. Duh, it's the name of the festival. It wasn't a bad movie. The end was full of 'oh my god are they really going to do this' anticipation.