Friday, October 9, 2009

Touch-a-touch-a-touch-a-touch-me! (figuratively, of course)

So I've kicked things up a notch (and dated myself with an Emeril Lagasse reference) here at the Unpro.  Behold, new (for the blog) ways to interact and communicate!

1.  Become a fan of The Unprofessional Critic on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter.  Why?  Because I post daily updates about what I'm watching and reading, along with the requisite snark or unbridled enthusiasm, depending on the subject matter.  These updates are unique to Facebook and Twitter, so it's like extra fun all week long!  I also provide links to new blog posts, so you don't miss out.

2.  Email me at maybeimamazed02[at]yahoo[dot]com.  Why?  Cause I lurves 'em.  Seriously, it's been really cool to hear from readers as far-flung as Amsterdam about how they found the blog, what they like about it, and suggestions for future posts.  I love suggestions and constructive criticism, and I really do listen--after all, YOU guys are the ones who tune in as I blather on about whatever's catching my pop culture fancy this week. 

Also, send a note if you've created something you'd like me to review.  Nothing makes me happier than advance screenings, galleys, DVD's, et cetera et cetera and so on.  I do have a few of these in the works, but in the meantime, lay it on me!  (That's what she said.  OR HE SAID.)

3.  Leave a comment!  After hearing from people that they couldn't comment, I checked out my settings, and true to my newbie-blogger self, discovered that they were more restricted than I would like.  Now, like Wal Mart at midnight on Black Friday, IT'S OPEN!  If you don't have an ID, just click "Anonymous" and you should be all set.

Lastly, ain't nothin' like word of mouth to spread the love.  PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS BLOG!  I'm no Mean Girl.  The more, the merrier.

Happy Friday and stay tuned for Monday's post, where I complete my Teen Girl Movie Trifecta!


  1. Comments...anonymous...hmm, I need to check that on my own blog!

    Proud to be a fan, U.C.

  2. Cool, I added you as a fan on FB!

  3. Me too, I added on FaceBook, I think that your information is really good, I agree with you in all the points of view!22dd

  4. I am totally agree with you, specifically with the second point above. It's all about suggestions. Thanks for the information on this blog! I find it very interesting and entertaining!